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About us

Our world at Kyleido is full of colour, movement, fun and just good old fashioned great work and experience. It’s a world of creativity and craft. A universe of eccentric excellence in a world of monochrome mediocrity.

Here we put funk into functionality and work with only the finest clients who understand the power of great design. If you appreciate arty, off-the-wall thinking and outrageous outcomes that get you noticed then Kyleido can rise to the challenge. We will leap at the opportunity to create something original and special just for you.

At Kyleido we do all sorts of things, websites, printing, graphic design, webhosting and sigange. Ideally we get the freedom to design from the ground up; logo to website, illustrations, design elements, sign boards, the works! But we’re reasonable and understand that not everyone can start from scratch. So if you want just a touch of the Kyleido flavour it can be arranged. Whatever the project we will rise to the challenge to produce something unique and of the highest calibre.

The Kyleido team have all done their time in the corporate world designing shiny new logos, beautiful brochures, innovative catalogues, dynamic websites and slick sign boards – so we know what works.

The team is a crazy, passionate bunch of creatives who've given it their all over and over again. Each member brings a unique skill set to the company. We have all sorts; designers, copywriters, developers, photographers, illustrators, talkers, doers, dreamers and more!

You can follow our rocket-fuelled adventures on our Facebook page if you want to know more. If you have an idea that you’d like us to work our magic on send us an email or give us a call.



Kyle Hunzinger - Creative
Used to wear a lot of black but now he wears blue sometimes. Kyle also  Loves it "when a plan comes together"



Jamie-Lee Boddington - Admin
Boss Lady. Loves Celine Dion, soapies and fashion.


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